Clinically proven and dermatologist recommended, the Elevare Plus + uses red and infrared light and topical heating to rejuvenate the skin – all without side effects. This device can be purchased for home use and added to your daily skin regimen or incorporated into your monthly facial treatment for an additional fee.

Key Benefits:

Stimulate collagen production on a cellular level
Reduce fine lines and wrinkles and minimize pores
Eliminate skin discoloration and pigmentation
Achieve professional results in the comfort and privacy of your own home
Our most powerful anti-aging medical device, with maximum skin penetration and healing
Lifetime Warranty. Learn more about the Elevare Warranty here
The Elevare Plus + is an FDA cleared class II medical device.

Unlike plants and other organisms, the human body is unable to perform photosynthesis. However, light rays still prove beneficial to the body in a number of ways – particularly in the case of long waves of light. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that emit red and infrared wavelengths are able to penetrate the skin to a deeper degree than blue light, with infrared light reaching the deepest layer of skin, the hypodermis.

Elevare devices use a combination of Red & Infrared Light for maximum penetrationThis method of penetration is non-invasive. Not only does it leave the surrounding tissue unharmed, it targets the underlying hemoglobin and encourages the body to convert light energy in cellular energy, without any harmful side effects. By creating heat energy through light, and increasing cellular activity at the dermal level, it combats the body’s natural aging process, where cellular activity and energy falls over time.

Other benefits of red light therapy include the stimulation of collagen production, which can reduce wrinkles by promoting natural skin cell growth, as well as the ability to lower melanin levels and minimize the appearance of age spots. In conjunction with red light therapy, topical heat (such as that generated by the surface probes of Elevare’s devices) can be used to enhance circulation, which provides proteins and oxygen that are beneficial to the skin. These combined effects can help reduce inflammation, leaving the skin feeling healthy and refreshed.

As a gentle yet effective method of care, LED technology and red light therapy is quickly becoming recognized by the skin care industry as one of the premier methods to help rejuvenate and repair the skin.

Like the powerful ultraviolet (or UV) light from the sun, infrared light is invisible to the naked eye due to being on an incredibly high frequency wavelength. As a result, you will not see the infrared light during use of the device, but you can be assured that it is still working to help rejuvenate your skin.

Elevare Devices use a combination of red and infrared lights.

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