EAR LOBE REPAIR Repairing torn or damaged ear lobes is a fairly common issue for people. Tears or rips to the ear lobe are often a result of pierced earrings being tugged on. More recently the trend to wear gauge rings which when removed create excessively large holes in the ear lobe.

Ear lobe repair is considered a cosmetic surgical procedure and is not covered under most health insurance policies. Suturing is necessary to repair the damage. Dr. Bartels preforms this procedure in the office under local anesthetic. He will determine how long this will take depending on the nature and size of the rip, tear or holes.

Prior to any procedure, we require a consultation with the doctor. Pricing is quoted at the time of your consultation and varies based on the nature of the injury to the ear lobe.


Dr. Bartels has offered ear lobe piercing for the past 27 years. This service has been provided for children and adult patients who come to the office for general ear, nose and throat treatment. Most moms and dads prefer a trusted medical person and a hygienic setting for their infants and children to be treated. Piercing takes about 10 minutes. There is a small fee for this service. Earrings and cleaning solution provided. Children under age must accompanied by an adult. Piercing of the ear cartilage is not a service that Dr. Bartels recommends or provides.