“I had a facelift 4 years ago. My facelift started loosening up along the jaw line and my cheeks were getting heavier. I went back to my plastic surgeon in Massachusetts who said that it was too early for another facelift. In my desperate search for skin tightening procedures I asked Dr. Bartels who does my fillers and he recommended Precision Lift. I made an appointment right away. I showed up for my procedure that morning to a wonderful friendly staff. Dr. Bartels made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole procedure. I was given a Valuum which I took but didn’t need. There is a numbing agent that Dr. Bartels used to numb my whole lower face and neck with. I felt nothing. It was absolutely a breeze. If my facelift was a 10 on the intensity scale then Precision Lift was a 1. So easy. Door to door I think it was 2 1/2 hours including prep and post procedure. Now to the results. I saw tightening immediately. Each week my face changed shape. I was losing my full cheeks and my neck was getting tighter. People were starting to say things like “did you get a haircut?” or “I like your earrings”. That is always a tell tale sign when I have work done. It’s been 6 months since my Precision Tx treatment and there will continue to be tightening for 3 more months. I can honestly say that my skin is now almost as tight as my original facelift. It is really getting tighter everyday. I am absolutely thrilled with this new non invasive procedure. It absolutely saved my facelift. I may repeat this procedure again down the road instead of another facelift. Why go under the knife when you can have a procedure as simple as having a dental procedure. Doctors online have said that the Precision TX is equivalent to having half a facelift. It is that dramatic. Now I am working on changing my skin texture. I’ve had several Pelleve treatments with Katherine and so far I am amazed. It really is a workhorse for wrinkles. My skin tone has changed only after a few treatments. I highly recommend this after the Precision TX just for added lift and tone. Overall Dr. Bartels and their staff couldn’t be nicer to work with. They are very professional and always so positive, friendly and accommodating in everything they do. You will not be disappointed. Good luck.”

D.R.TeacherBedford, NH