“All of my life I have had a history of facial redness and for years have been treated by the dermatologist. I suffered from a compromised skin barrier which also made my skin highly reactive. I tried many different prescription products and skin regimens and nothing brought me satisfactory results. It has been over a year now that I have been following the skin protocols and treatments that Dr. Bartels and his associates have started me on. My skin has changed dramatically!

I immediately began Pelleve Skin Tightening treatments and Skinmedica anti­aging products to build collagen and improve dermal density. The health, tone and texture of my skin is remarkably different and the healthiest it has ever been!

I am a very compliant person and continue to follow all the home care steps required of me. To maintain my results I have ongoing Hydrating Masques and use my products faithfully. After 3­5 months the changes in my appearance were very apparent to others. My friends and family keep saying how great I look.

The products and treatments are an investment, but worth every penny! I only have one face and one shot at keeping healthy skin. I would recommend the Bartels Facial Rejuvenation professionals to everyone who cares about how improving their looks and skin.”

Sandy G.Manchester, NH