BFR and Epionce Partner to Show Appreciation for Our Front Line Heroes

The COVID-19 crisis has stressed our healthcare resources and put many directly in harms way as they treat the sickest victims of the disease.  No group is more critical to these efforts than our nurses.  (Working in hospitals, emergency departments and home health care, nurses spend the most time with sick patients and put themselves at risk in order to tend to their patients’ needs and keep us safe).

Bartels Facial Rejuvenation and Epionce Skin Care are partnering to show appreciation for our nurses, the under-recognized heroes in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

This team will receive an EPIONCE at home Skin Care Kit from us! One of the nurses said ” After wearing two layers of masks (N95 and one on top) for 12 to 13 hours straight, my skin is a mess!”  This should help minimize the skin trauma and provide some well deserved pampering and TLC.

Tell us your story. Are you, a family member or friend working on the COVID-19 hospital floors or units in the greater Boston area and NH?  Email a description of what they do, a photo, location of where they work to so we can recognize them on our website and social media.  We will do our best to send along Epionce skin care kits once we hear from you!

If you would like to share in the love, you can purchase a HERO SKIN CARE KIT on our website and we will ship it for you! If you are a business and want to add a product or give services along with us to add more love, please contact us.

Together we can show our appreciation for all they are doing!

Regards from your BFR team

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A very BIG THANK YOU to the amazing nursing team who work on

Katie, Marisa, Rene, Kellie, Shantae, Marie, Christie, Lizzie, Allison, Maureen,
Jayna, Tara, Lynn, Stephanie, Meghan & Leizel