Micro­needling, also referred to as collagen induction therapy, works to lift, tighten, and rejuvenate your skin. As a result of your treatment, you will achieve softer, younger skin with minimal downtime, especially compared with laser treatments . To determine if micro­needling is appropriate for you, a consultation with Dr. Bartels is recommended.

Micro­needling can address a wide range of skin conditions including:

– Fine lines and wrinkles
– Skin Laxity
– Overly large pores
– Stretch marks
– Rolling and Pik Acne scars
– Hyper­pigmented Skin
– Uneven Skin Tone and Texture

What to expect during a Micro­needling procedure…

After your initial skin consultation with our professionals, Reveal photos will be taken. Your skin will be cleaned and a topical lidocaine cream is applied to the area being treated. The pen ­sized Micro­needling medical device contains about 14 small sterile needles which pulsates over the skin. This device creates thousands of micro­channels in the skin. Because this is a medical device, it allows Dr. Bartels to reach varying depths of the skin to the different layers of the dermis.

Serums containing Hyluronic Acid and Growth Factors are applied to the skin as the MicroNeedle wand is passed over the skin several times. The small micro needle incisions stimulate the fibroblasts and growth factors that signal the collagen production process. Serums and creams penetrate to the dermis 80% times more than the typical 10% after Micro Needling. Treatment takes approximately ninety minutes.

After Micro­needling…

The skin will be pink and possible flaking can occur for several days post treatment. Post care products and protocols are necessary to maximize the results of the treatment. A follow up appointment is made 7 days and 6 weeks post treatment. In six to eight weeks changes in the skin occur as it takes collagen 6 weeks to remodel.

Patients will experience a more youthful, revitalized skin appearance. For best results, you will need to undergo three to four treatments spaced 6 weeks apart. To maintain long lasting results, a maintenance treatment is recommended every year. Optimal results occur with Platelet Rich Plasma applied during Micro Needle.

Micro­needling offers several benefits compared with fractionated laser treatments or IPL photo facial treatments including:

– A Non­ablative procedure that keeps the epidermis intact
– Minimally invasive with less downtime than laser
– Stimulates collagen production Allows for optimization of topical drug delivery
– Can be performed safely during the summer months
– Works well with all skin types