Our Philosophy…

Every face tells a story. Every visit and conversation with a patient is an opportunity to connect, interact, relate­­ and ultimately be part of their life journey. Possibilities are realized because our providers collaborate with patients with a realistic and thoughtful approach towards anti­aging. Patients and clients are encouraged to follow their desire to obtain a look that is right for them, not someone else.

“Nothing we do is ever routine because each face we treat is unique.” – Dr. Bartels

Our approach to obtaining the best outcome is using multi­modality treatments and procedures over time which will ultimately result in a very natural more youthful look. Like restoring an antique painting, treating the face and neck should be approached in a conservative, progressive and caring fashion. When a person comes to BFR seeking our expertise, they place tremendous trust in our skills, knowledge and care. Having the opportunity to work with men and women who trust us is our privilege.

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“Dr. Bartels and his staff are an amazing group of people to work with. I have had many procedures there done over the last year. They are all very professional and really care about their patients. Dr. Bartels really researches the latest products before he decides to adopt them. I feel like I never throw money down the drain as opposed to other plastic surgeons that I have gone to and wasted a lot of money. I have been very pleased with every procedure I have had at his office. I can’t say enough about Dr. Bartels and his staff. You will not be disappointed.”